A perpetual fire burns at a temple deep in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. Surrounded by mountains, this ancient temple is said to be the very spot where Lord Shiva married his beloved, Goddess Parvati. A spot where now, Vishnu and Nivedya hope to have their own wedding ceremony.

“We already got legally married in July 2022”, explains the sweet couple, “But we want to have a significant ritual of the ceremony here at the temple.” With no more than 20 attendees at their July wedding, this couple was adamant about celebrating their love the way they had envisioned when they first met.

Now happily married and set to fulfil a long wish list of travel destinations, the newlyweds narrate the story of how it all began. Making it to this point was no easy feat. Before Vishnu and Nivedya matched on Aisle, they were somewhat disillusioned by the casual dating scene. The two finally signed up on Aisle hoping to find something more meaningful. “I had been using dating apps for a while before Aisle happened. It’s really difficult to find someone who is looking for serious commitment nowadays”, Vishnu points out. Nivedya was also in a similar mindset, “After my divorce, I decided I wanted to start dating again. I wanted to settle down, but I knew arranged marriage was not for me.”

When Nivedya’s family began to bring in proposals, she decided to find someone for herself. Nivedya was pleasantly surprised when she first saw Vishnu’s profile on Aisle. “I must say– I’m a complete feminist. Most men find this slightly difficult to digest. Vishnu turned out to be more of a feminist than I was!” Amazed at how lucky he was to find Nivedya, Vishnu had his own first impressions. “She was so outspoken. I was very impressed by her ability to make strong decisions.”

The connection Vishnu and Nivedya found in one another felt like divine intervention. After only the first few days of talking, the two were sure of their commitment to one another. “Something just clicked. There was no doubt in our minds that we would ultimately be together,” remarked the couple. Over time, this feeling was strengthened by the mutual trust, respect, and unwavering support they had for one another. “We both had our own set of problems to deal with”, Vishnu explains. “He has a physical disability and had been through a few bad experiences in the past. On the other hand, I was just coming out of a terrible marriage,” added Nivedya, “We were both very supportive of each other.”

Now gearing up for their temple ceremony, the couple claims that practicing complete transparency is the best way to go when dating online. “It’s better, to be honest. I think it’s important not to lie or try to cheat someone else. After all, if we want safety for ourselves online, we need to make sure others are safe as well”, said Vishnu.

Having been through their fair share of hardships, the couple finally found a fresh start with one another. Just like the eternal love of Shiva and Parvathi, Nivedya and Vishnu now look forward to having a lifetime of love and happiness together. “It took a long time, but I finally found the one for me,”confessed Nivedya. “I would say, don’t rush into a relationship. There is someone for everyone, even if it takes a while to find them. I’m glad I waited.”​