Picture this: You’re out to meet a date who has travelled over 800 kilometres to see you. This is the first time you’re meeting, and you’re eager to impress. You take out your bike in a hurry, praying none of your neighbours see you leaving, that too with a date. And then — your bike refuses to start!

That was Himanshi and Rohit’s first date. Himanshi recalls this moment between bouts of laughter, “I was soo embarrassed! I kept trying, but the bike wouldn’t budge. Rohit kept offering to help the whole time. He had no idea what to do with it either.” Rohit on the other hand had already fallen head over heels for her, “Himanshi just looked so cute… she cared so much about me and the fact that we couldn’t go for a bike ride.”

“I didn’t care about that!” protests Himanshi “I was really concerned about my bike!”

Travelling from Gurugram to Varanasi that day proved to be well worth it for Rohit. Accompanied by the serene sounds of a temple, a gentle breeze and fresh coconut water; their first date was nothing short of magic. “I will never forget that day. We spoke for hours,” said Himanshi, “I took him to see the ghats. We went on a relaxing boat ride and watched as the sun rose over the entire city.”

The two believe that this magical feeling was partly owed to the strong foundation they had built early on. When the couple first matched on Aisle, they left no stone unturned. Himanshi and Rohit spoke at length about their life goals, desires, and expectations from a partner. “It’s best to be clear as early as possible,” said Himanshi. “We agreed that we would be honest about what we wanted. If this was not working for either of us at any point, we wouldn’t beat around the bush,” recalls Rohit.

As months went by, the couple realised that they could not have been more suited for one another. Be it the way they speak, their values, or even their life goals. “We both believe in clean living and eating healthy,” said the couple. “We have near identical thoughts on health and fitness.” The similarities didn’t just end there, Himanshi and Rohit also belong to the same field of expertise. Understandably, the couple often finds themselves lost in conversations about their field!

As the two grew closer, so did the pressure to get married from Himanshi’s family. “We had only been talking for a few months back then, I wasn’t expecting very much. So I took the chance and asked Rohit ‘My father wants me to find me a groom, what should I tell him?’” As it turns out, Rohit was more than happy to oblige!

Himanshi and Rohit are now set to tie the knot early next year. When asked about what they wanted from their new life together, the two responded in unison, “We’re looking forward to building the best life possible together. Our goal is to live a happy and fulfilled life, take care of our finances, and have a focused lifestyle.”

Their advice for singles was simple — “At the end of the day, we’re all on the same boat. We all need someone to hold our hand and support us when things get tough. Everyone needs a partner at some point. Our advice is: don’t give up. Live your life, go out, meet new people, and don’t back down because other people may judge you.”