When Shubha met Yogesh for the first time, she thought he was a little ‘too nice’ for her. Yogesh was kind, quiet and considerate — and yet, not the sort of personality she thought she would get along with. Nevertheless, Shubha decided to give it a chance.

A bit skeptical in the beginning, Shubha wasn’t sure if online dating was her cup of tea. Yogesh, on the other hand, thought signing up for a dating app meant matching with people who had little-to-no desire to find a long-term partner.

Naturally, when the couple first matched on Aisle in late 2021, they had a bit of a slow start. The two spoke on Aisle for a short time and even exchanged numbers. One would think that what followed would be the beginnings of a typical Aisle love story, but for seemingly no reason at all; the two stopped talking.

You can call it what you may– fate, destiny, or just a plain old case of coincidence, but a few months later the two got talking again. “I was looking at my old chats one day and saw Shubha again. I wanted to know how she was doing … so I texted her”, said Yogesh, thanking his lucky stars he did, because since then, the two have never stopped talking. Unable to explain exactly what drew her to Yogesh the second time around, Shubha concluded, “There was something so genuine about his smile. I remember being very excited to meet him!”

As a matter of fact, Yogesh distinctly remembers feeling the same way for Shubha. “I really loved her smile,” he said simply. And just like that, chemistry took over; conversation became effortless, every date felt like the very first, and their connection grew stronger.

The fairytale does not always have to work out the first time around. Having been in unhappy marriages before, both Shubha and Yogesh were dealing with their share of baggage. “We were both in a difficult place emotionally, and had a lot to unpack,” said the couple.

All of Shubha’s initial doubts about Yogesh soon vanished. As time went on, she began to understand his patient and empathetic personality. “Yogesh puts a lot of effort into building our relationship. He is an extremely hardworking, responsible and family-oriented guy.” Unsurprisingly, Yogesh had a similar opinion. “I love how independent and responsible she is. Being the only breadwinner in her family, I am amazed at how she takes such good care of the people she loves.”

Speaking of family, Shubha’s mother couldn’t be happier about the relationship. “Oh! she loves him”, remarks Shubha, “She believes he’s the perfect match for me.”

The couple now recommends Aisle to almost all their friends and family. “Without the app, we would have never found one another. It is amazing how many different people you can meet on the app. In our opinion, the best feature of Aisle is that it is not a place for hookups.”

In their free time, Shubha and Yogesh can be found jet-setting to different travel locations, trying out new cuisines, or even exploring a popular pub in the city tearing up the dance floor.

‘So is marriage on the cards?’ we asked the couple. “We are in no hurry at all, it will happen in its own time. Having had sour experiences in the past, we are willing to wait. A wedding is only the beginning, not the accomplishment. It’s the bond between two people that matters more.”

Cheers to that, Shubha and Yogesh. We couldn’t agree more. Wishing you all the happiness in the world for your life together!