Rosalin and Sandeep’s relationship had a rather comical start. Sparks flew from the moment they matched. From speaking about their shared love for travel to their favourite breed of dogs, it took them just 24 hours to know that this was headed in the right direction. They decided to meet. And that’s when they realised — they lived in different cities! This couple found each other against all odds; all it took was hope, patience, and a little bit of humour.

“The best thing about us is that we’re both foodies — I love to cook and he loves to eat! He’s my best friend. I can’t even explain how fun he is to have around, days just fly by with him,” jokes Rosalin as she narrates the story of how she met her partner on Aisle.

The couple first matched on Aisle right at the beginning of the pandemic and somehow managed to meet. “Everything went into lockdown right after we met, due to which we couldn’t meet for another year!” said the couple.

As the world was dealing with the extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic, the couple decided to make the best out of a bad situation. “Once work from home began, Sandeep decided to move to Bangalore to be with me,”said Rosalin. “We’ve had our fair share of challenges — his parents were not happy with his decision, and Sandeep did not talk to them for months. It is incredibly difficult to not talk to your parents, but he did it all for me.”

The couple’s relationship blossomed against all odds, but soon they had to face the reality of their situation. There were simply too many factors working against them. “It wasn’t easy; Sandeep’s family did not approve of me at first, because we belonged to different faiths. Family is very important to the two of us, so if his parents had not agreed; we would not have continued our relationship,” recounts Rosalin.

“Love is like a fruit, you cannot eat it until it’s completely ripe. No relationship is perfect and things are not always easy, but everything works out if you give it enough time. You have to put in the work and be patient. We waited for a very long time” says the couple.

“Something somewhere was working in our favour, and after a lot of convincing; his parents finally agreed. Now I talk to his mother more than him!”, says Rosalin with a sense of utter relief. “We were made for each other. He takes all of my jokes so sportingly! I can’t remember the last time we had a fight. Even if we do fight — one of us ends up laughing, we’re both so bad at it!”

Rosalin and Sandeep were brought together by sheer serendipity, and could not have been a better match. In due course, Rosalin and Sandeep finally found their happy ending. “We both love to travel, even though it’s always last minute. We usually get done with work on Friday and spontaneously decide to take a trip. The two of us pack a small bag and we’re off!” remarks Sandeep. As for the wedding? Rosalin and Sandeep have their own take: “A grand wedding is not important to us, we already have each other. One fine day we will go to court and get married, that’s all!”