Two worlds collide,

A pair, find themselves at the end

– of a dating app named Aisle.

Judgments remain seated, wedding guests turn wild,

Is it possible to find true love online, hook-ups aside?


Self-confessed poets Aarushi and Bhavneet have no doubt in their minds that they were destined to meet, and Aisle was fated to be the cupid of their love story. ‘For god’s sake, it’s time to get rid of the notion that you cannot find true love on dating apps’ says Aarushi, as she narrates the story of how she met the love of her life, fellow poet and now-fiancé Bhavneet.

Set to make a grand reveal at their wedding, these lovebirds are on a mission to change the perspective of how dating apps are viewed by friends, family, and a large part of the older generation. ‘People have too many pre-conceived ideas about dating apps,’ say the couple, ‘very few people know we met on Aisle; it’s time to change that.’

It all began in 2021, from the moment Bhavneet sent Aarushi an invite on Aisle. The couple had an almost uncanny connection — from personality traits and spiritual beliefs to the locality they grew up in. ‘I love poetry; unsurprisingly, so did Aarushi. So, when we first matched, we only spoke in poetic lines and quotes,’ reminisces Bhavneet. Their love of words was in tough competition with their mutual adoration for animals, though. In fact, their first date was a trip to the vet. “The date was only for a little over half an hour, but it was so real — there was no facade,” explains Bhavneet. “To tell you the truth, he talked to my dogs more than me during our date. I fell for him right then and there!”, adds Aarushi. Lively Aarushi had finally met her match in the outgoing and fun-loving Bhavneet. “We are so many different versions of ourselves in our daily lives — with Bhavneet, I am unapologetically myself,” says Aarushi.

Things quickly began to fall into place for the pair. The couple soon found that their families were an even better match! “We are all very fond of one another. Both our families often have dinners and celebrate important family events together.”

Now at the cusp of a happy married life, the couple claims that the secret to a great relationship is to first lay the groundwork with a strong friendship. “Before lovers, partners, or anything else in between, we are best friends. We will stand by this all our lives,” quips the couple.

With their story, Aarushi and Bhavneet have set the stage to change perceptions about online dating. As for the wedding? The couple already has a plan in place. “We both have a screen recording of the final screen on Aisle when you try to delete the app,” reveals the couple. “We will be showing this to our guests at the wedding. The epilogue of our online courtship and the beginning of a new life started with three words on the Aisle app: “I’ve met someone.”’


…And so the pair state;

‘This online love, not chance, but fate.

A true match set on Aisle,

I’ve met someone — and it’s been more than worthwhile.’