They came, they saw, and they got married! Only that it wouldn’t have been so straightforward, if one of them would have given up on love. Nayana and Chandrakanth’s story is a delightful happenstance that changed their lives forever. It was a romance that was waiting to happen.

Nayana had downloaded Aisle quite by chance and as luck would have it, came across Chandrakanth’s profile just before she was about to uninstall the app. “I remember, he had sent me an invite. I had received many requests and honestly was a bit scared to be on a dating app because I worked as a lecturer and didn’t want my students to see me on it. But there was something about his profile that stood out from all the others; it seemed interesting,” she recalls.

The two bonded instantly from the get-go. It only took them a few conversations to finally meet for their first-ever date at a cafe. But there was one glitch — Nayana was 30 minutes late. “I got busy at work. I was almost half an hour late for our first date. Not a great first impression, but he welcomed me with a big smile,” she recounts. Chandrakanth didn’t mind the waiting too. He had met a girl before he matched with Nayana, but didn’t find a common connection with her. With Nayana, the conversation flowed naturally. Chandrakanth adds, “We had the same taste in food, our ideologies matched and we both were kaapi lovers. I knew from that meeting itself that I had found the one. Honestly, I didn’t mind waiting for her.”

Over time, their love and fondness only deepened and the two decided to take their relationship to the next level. Meeting the parents too went smoothly. Chandrakanth agrees. “Aisle gave us an option of filters, which was very helpful. We had a similar family background which made it even easier to disclose our relationship to our parents.” Soon after, with the blessings of their parents, the couple got engaged and had a wedding the following year.

Two years of marriage and a baby later, the lovebirds believe that their love story was destiny coupled with a bit of luck. “People still wonder if we met on a dating app! I think it was all destiny, the way I installed the app and then met the perfect partner — all thanks to Aisle,” Nayana says.

Their dating advice for anyone looking for a partner is guided by intention and mutual respect. Chandrakanth adds, “Apart from knowing what you want, it is also okay to say no. Mutual respect is very important in a relationship. A person who knows what they want will always find the right partner.”

We second that and wish you both a lifetime of happiness, Nayana and Chandrakanth!

Nayana & Chandrakanth: A love story that almost didn’t happen. was originally published in Aisle on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.