Two people, different, yet the same, separated by thousands of miles and oceans, yet connected by their search for real romance — all it took was two clicks of a button to bring them together! Jessvin and Angelica’s story began when Angelica, living in the Philippines, joined Aisle in January 2021. She was curious to know what it would be like to meet someone of Indian origin. As fate would have it, she received an invite from Jessvin.

The couple is now happily married, but it was a journey to get to this point, as they reveal in their conversation with us.

Filipino and Indian, that’s quite the match. What encouraged you two to keep talking, despite being from different nationalities and cultures?

J- I love Angelica’s simplicity and her perspective on life. She has an incredibly kind and friendly personality.

A- What struck me first was his genuine nature. He’s also really witty and fun to be around. I think his willingness to wait for me patiently, even though we were over a thousand miles apart and in completely different countries, really made a difference.

We love a good meet-cute! Tell us, what was your first date like?

J- Well, that took some time… our first ‘in-person’ date was over a year after we first matched on Aisle. We were both eager to see one another, so I travelled to her hometown in the Philippines.

A- It was so exciting! In that moment, I felt like the luckiest woman in the world. It was all so surreal… we couldn’t believe that after a year of talking online, we finally got to see each other.

Long-distance can be daunting, so what made you realise this was more than just a phase?

J- When Angelica told her family about us, I realised she was as serious about me as I was about her. Given our differences, I knew it would be difficult, but she is and will always be worth fighting for. There was a lot of anticipation of how my family would react to our relationship. But, when they saw how great we were together, everyone accepted us with open arms.

A- No matter what, Jessvin always makes sure I’m okay. He was willing to fight for our relationship despite us belonging to a very different culture and tradition. Even though an arranged marriage was common and expected in his family, Jessvin fought for us and stood his ground.

Let’s get to the good stuff — what are your favourite things about your partner?

J- I love how much she cares about me, even the little things. I always make an extra effort to return the love and affection. Other than that, I admire her clarity of thought. Angelica is determined and knows what she’s looking for. We also share the same interests in music and a mutual love for chess.

A- Jessvin is a very unique guy, he’s smart, funny and I can’t help but laugh at all of his crazy jokes. He also knows how to play chess which is one of my favourite board games. I adore his desire to start a family with me, even though we met online. Honestly, he’s living proof that there are still sensible men in the world.

What advice would you give singles looking for their perfect partner?

J- Don’t worry too much about finding the perfect person. The aim is to find someone who you’d be comfortable living with as you grow older. Someone that will embrace your differences.

A- Just enjoy being single! Don’t commit to a relationship if you aren’t ready. Have fun, and make the most being single while you can. Once you decide to get into a relationship, it should be a lifelong commitment!

Jessvin and Angelica are proof that if it’s meant to be, relationships work from even halfway across the world!

Wishing you all the best for your life ahead Jessivin & Angelica!
Written by Ruchita Sud

Jessvin & Angelica: Love across oceans! was originally published in Aisle on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.