‘It’s forever!’ reads a picture of Honey and Amith on their social media account, followed by a string of comments from their loved ones. A jungle safari, a pretty picture with the setting sun, scenic videos — the account, aptly named ‘Destined Together’ details the adventures the pair took on their way to falling in love. “Every picture we have together is perfectly framed. They tell a story about what real, intentional dating looks like,” reveals Amith, a wildlife conservationist, and storyteller.

Even their first date is marked by a perfectly framed picture. “After a recent breakup, I realised that the dating pool in my hometown had become very small,” Honey, an avid women’s rights advocate, explains, “A friend of mine suggested I join Aisle to expand my search. It took me almost six months to muster up the courage and make a profile!” Amith, on the other hand, had taken a brief break from the app. “To cheer myself up on a bad day, I decided to open the app on a whim.” Pleasantly surprised to see Honey’s profile appear, Amith quickly responded to her Invite.

Although they were 1500 km apart when they first matched, the pair had far more in common than they initially thought. The pair shared a love for animals, travel, and a rather quirky sense of humour. “Amith is an avid wildlife photographer, and I am an avid creator of animal memes,” jokes Honey.

In fact, their first date spanned five different locations. Sparks flew from the moment they met. It was nothing short of magic. “Our first date was like something straight out of a Bollywood movie. You won’t believe it, but my heel broke at the end of the night. Amith graciously asked the hotel staff for an extra pair of slippers for me!”, recounts Honey.

Even far apart, Honey and Amith’s relationship and commitment grew stronger. The long-distance couple often set off to different wildlife locations and adventure trails across the country, eager to document every part of their love story on the way. “The excitement never ends with Amith and me! Our most recent trip was to the Bhadra Tiger reserve,” recounts Honey. “We saw the flower that only blooms only once in 14 years. It’s humbling to see something so beautiful with a person who you deeply love,” adds Amith.

Soon to get hitched in early 2023, Honey and Amith agree that it takes a lot of patience, positivity, and a little bit of creativity to make a relationship like theirs work. “You cannot force a relationship, no matter how hard you try. You put the work in, but if it is not meant to be, then there is nothing you can do to control it,” Honey concludes. And so, with the chemistry, connection, and compatibility that Honey and Amith share with each other, their love, like their picture caption, is forever.

Wishing you a lifetime of picture-perfect romance Honey and Amith!
Written by Ruchita Sud

Honey & Amith: Love in frame! was originally published in Aisle on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.