Some believe that it’s easier to fall in love than to nurture a relationship. Jessmin and Justin's story proves that it's easy to do both when you take time to slow date. The couple met on Aisle, unaware that it was the start of something beautiful. "I was the one who sent her an invite. Her profile seemed genuine. I don’t know, there was something about her picture. I wanted to talk to her, get to know her," Justin recalls. And while Jessmin gladly accepted his invite, she knew in her heart that she was looking for something long term. "It took me a while to be open to online dating and I wanted to be careful. In fact, we both wanted to take it slow," Jessmin added.

That led to them enjoying a long courtship which started with them meeting for the first time in Jessmin’s house - a day which was symbolic of their loving bond. Jessmin explains, “Justin had come home to meet me. My mother only knew of him as a mutual friend. I remember vividly, my mom had given us some puzzles to solve while she was cooking. I confess, we were unsuccessful in working out that puzzle at that time but metaphorically speaking, the puzzle of our life kind of came together.”

Over time, their love and fondness only deepened and the two decided to take their relationship to the next level. The only twist: Justin’s parents were not aware of their relationship as yet. "It took me a while to disclose our relationship to my parents. That's not because I wasn’t sure about it, we just didn't want to rush into marriage due to any pressure," Justin added. But all’s well that ends well because once their parents met, it was all good. 

The couple got married two years later. They are not afraid to reinvent and rediscover their relationship every now and then. They even confess to having disagreements, but always respecting each other’s opinions. Perhaps, this could be the best advice for couples looking for a long-term relationship. Justin explains, "Communication is very important. I think you need to talk things out with your partner. You can’t always expect them to understand what you need. Even if there is a fight or a disagreement, there will be a resolution at the end if things are spoken and are clear." Jessmin agrees, "Our love grew stronger with time. I think we might have just scratched the surface. There’s a lot more to learn and discover about each other."

Such a beautiful thought! We wish you a lifetime of love and togetherness, Jessmin and Justin!