“I always knew that I didn’t want an arranged marriage. I wanted to find someone who was compatible with me. Deep down, in my heart, I knew that it would happen. I would meet my Ted Mosby.” That’s how Sonam and Nitin’s love story began.

Sonam had been on dating apps for a while, but there were always compatibility issues. Her parents were also finding matches for her through matrimonial sites and family connections, but she was looking for someone she could connect with on a much deeper level. In 2019, Sonam’s friend introduced her to Aisle, where she came across Nitin’s profile. “Sonam had written a quote on her profile about how she was looking for her Ted Mosby with her yellow umbrella,” Nitin says. That was it for him.

Although they liked each other, it took a communication slip-up for Sonam and Nitin to have a first date. “I was asking Nitin about something, and he thought I was asking him out,” Sonam says. “And I was like, well, why not!” The misunderstanding turned out to be a blessing in disguise. “I remember that I was late for the date by 30 minutes because of some last-minute work stress. Instead of being angry, Nitin loved that I was so dedicated and driven about my work!”, Sonam recollects with a smile. Sonam, on the other hand, was attracted to Nitin’s simplicity and kindness. “He has a good heart and is genuinely kind. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat the people around them. And he was not only good to me, but to everyone around him. For me, it was an important quality in a man.” Nitin, on the other hand, loved that Sonam was full of life. “It’s always fun with her. She never says no to any plans I make”, Nitin says.

From the moment they met, their conversations flowed easily and they knew they had found something special. Over time, they started meeting more regularly; but it was during the lockdown — when they were both stuck in their individual homes — that they realised they were good for each other. They both loved travelling, trying out new cuisines and spending time with each other.

Despite coming from middle-class families with modest means, Sonam and Nitin knew they wanted to build a life together. They share the same values and are each other’s cheerleader as they navigate work and life. “The families were very supportive, even though Nitin is a couple of months younger than me. Once my family met him and his family met me, they realised how good we were together and gave us their blessings.”

Now happily married, Sonam and Nitin are excited about their future together. It is a testament to the fact that sometimes, all it takes is a tap on the right app and a simple misunderstanding to help you find your forever romance. “Give it time”, Nitin says. “Have faith that people are good at heart and give the connection time to grow.”

We agree — taking it slow is the only way to go. Congratulations on your life together, Sonam and Nitin!

Sonam & Nitin: A misunderstanding that changed their life! was originally published in Aisle on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.